The party has ended. Or maybe it never began.

Perhaps this room is a place you came to but forgot how you arrived. Perhaps there was intention. Or  maybe it's just a place like any other. And your presence here is creating the meaning, and the meaning, whatever it is, will follow you when you leave this place.

Perhaps this is a place of temporary stories. A transitory place. An in between. Created for this very purpose and when you've gone it will cease to exist. Switched off like an incandescent bulb in a room you no longer need.

This wonderful amazing art we will make together has its origins at Wonderland The Teknicolor Fetish Party. For the past few years now I have had the opportunity to build a series of themed photo booth sets and many of you have taken portraits of yourselves in them. The energy, style and sexiness of those images inspired me to bring this concept to the next level. Never heard of Wonderland? No problem!

The Wonderland photo booth images are amazing but the set is always temporary. We spend a day building it, you all make your magic, and then at 4am we take it a apart and consign it to memory. Or the trash bin. This time I want to make portraits with intention. I'll build a set in my studio, a huge private space in Dumbo with 16 foot ceilings, filled with props and mannequins, vintage furniture, mirrors, doors, an antique phone booth, and all of it fair game. This time I'll be behind camera the whole time, lighting you properly, helping you, directing you if you need it, all with the goal of capturing a perfect portrait of you.

Below are a few of the first portraits we’ve made for this series (all used with permission).

Come solo, with a partner, with several partners, as friends, in a group, whatever you want. Together we will collaborate on a truly unique series of portraits.

The only requirement is that we make something you are comfortable having published. You can be clothed or naked, looking right at the viewer, wearing a mask or facing away from the camera. Anything that makes you comfortable is allowed but we want to be able to share these.

What's in it for you? Aside from participating in a sexy and creative art project, everyone who participates will get a signed print of their portrait (suitable for framing) as well as a digital copy. Here are some portraits I've collaborated on with people in the past.

To help organize, I created a short survey (only 8 questions) to give me a sense of the kind of portrait you would like to create with me. Take a moment to fill this out and I'll be in touch directly about scheduling. You can also email me if you have any questions at adam[at]adamcourtney[dot]net.

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